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Barista Training

Are you thinking of becoming a barista and are relatively new to coffee? In this course we start with the basics so you have a solid foundation, starting with espresso theory, learning the right technique to pour a great coffee. Either at home or as a barista.

This course goes for 2 and a half hours and is limited to 5 people.
Price per Head – $125.00

What is covered

  • Espresso theory
  • Proper tamping and distribution technique
  • Milk steaming and pouring
  • Latte art fundamentals
  • Understanding the coffee menu
  • Cleaning and equipment maintenance.

Who should come

  • Aspiring baristas
  • New baristas without specialty coffee experience
  • International students
  • High school or university students looking to join work force
  • Home espresso enthusiasts
  • Office workers with a coffee machine
  • Cafe owners
  • Any coffee lover

What is provided

  • Unlimited coffee and milk
  • Printed course material
  • Certificate of Achievement

Participants Will

  • Learn how to set up and the maintenance of a grinder and coffee machine workstation
  • Learn how to grind coffee beans
  • Learn the fundamental skills required for milk frothing
  • Learn basic latte art pouring
  • Serve and make different types of coffee, particularly types that are prevalent in Melbourne’s coffee culture
  • Receive hands on practice