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about us

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to personally connect people with the best coffee, no matter who they are, with carefully sourced and roasted beans.

Our founder grew up with coffee running through his blood, having grown up on a coffee estate in Gampola, Sri Lanka. Playing amongst the coffee bushes and roasting beans on a simple stove with extended family, coffee was always about bringing people together. 

We source the highest quality beans from our long-term supplier, HA Bennett; a family-owned Australian business spanning three generations, whose core values we trust; Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Innovation, and Education.

The beans are procured in the most sustainable and organic way possible under Fair Trade practices. Every connection with customers, clients, suppliers, and farmers is personal and not just a transaction. 

We roast Arabica coffee beans. Established in 2012 but loving coffee since 1961.